This week the exterior of the new school will be finished as work continues non-stop on interior painting, flooring, and cabinetry. West Side parent volunteer Danielle Fisher-Snyder climbs high on scaffolding each day to paint clouds on the blue sky ceiling over the new library space. Corridors feel like winding paths that lead to “Central Park” where the sun will be painted around a light tube illuminating the crossroads. The myriad of details in process are bringing the new school alive. Teachers and volunteers are busy packing classroom materials in anticipation of the June move.

Build It and They Will Come

The new school is coming together quickly with rapid construction progress both inside and out.  The pre-primary classrooms are being painted while drywall installation is completed in the rest of the building.  We are on target for the big move in June after school ends.  Classroom teachers are responsible for packing their classrooms and will solicit parent volunteers as needed.  As you can imagine, the move is a massive undertaking with 36 years of accumulated “stuff” to sort and pack.  Plans are evolving for a giant garage sale.

Coming Together

Meanwhile, we are continuing to raise capital funds through the Coming Together Campaign.  In February we announced a challenge from several generous donors who committed to match all gifts and new pledges dollar for dollar up to $100,000 to complete the $1.3 million campaign goal.  To date we have received $44,500 towards that goal including $7000 of the Fund-a-Wish raised at the auction.  That leaves $55,500 more needed prior to a back to school ribbon cutting event.  Watch for a letter that invites all families to participate in the campaign.  Stewardship is an important part of the West Side culture.  What better way to show your commitment to quality education than to help West Side provide the best education possible for our students today and tomorrow in our new purpose-built facility!

Exciting News About West Side’s Coming Together Campaign!

Yesterday at the Bancroft Office Housewarming party, Lynn Fisher announced a new $100,000 challenge to complete the Coming Together campaign. Generous donors will match, dollar for dollar, the next $100,000 raised between February 23, 2012 and the ribbon cutting event. The goal is to raise an additional $200,000. All of the money raised will support the coming together project including playgrounds and programs for the new facility.

Build It and They Will Come

Outside, the giant earthmovers are grading and compacting sand for the building pad.  Soon the foundation will be added and the pre-engineered building components will arrive.  After that, progress should be rapid and very visible.  We have recently engaged the company, Natural Playgrounds, to work with us to design an exciting outdoor play space.  We’ll share details as the project evolves.  

Adding fill
Moving dirt onto the playground